Specialised Antenatal and Postnatal


I offer personal training sessions, to support you through a fitter and healthier pregnancy, birth and recovery.  These sessions focus on:

·         Maintaining health and wellbeing to encourage an                 easier birth        

·         Managing weight gain during pregnancy

·         Pregnancy symptom management (e.g. backache,
        swelling, varicose veins)  

·         Post birth fitness and strength and a speedier recovery

Postnatal sessions focus on:

·         Recovery (pelvic floor, abdominal strength and core 
·         Weight and fat loss to get you back into shape
       Improved health and fitness to cope with the demands           of mortherhood
·         Increased energy levels and wellbeing

·         Babies are welcome

The personal training sessions are available at your home or at my private gym.

Please contact me for more information.