Small Group Training

Join my friendly Small Group Training Sessions with a personal edge.
A forty-five minute session incorporating high intensity functional               exercises using Kettlebells, VIPRs, Medicine Balls, Free weights, Suspension Trainers and Cardio Exercises which will increase your body's ability to continue burning fat hours after the session has finished.
Held in my private gym in Hagley, groups are a maximum of 7 people, meet other like minded people or do it with a group of your own friends.
Get in, work hard, get out and enjoy your day.

Class members say:-

“Classes are challenging but fun and have a great social feeling”

“Workouts are fast, fun and fly by, keeping me motivated whilst gaining    fitness and losing weight”

“I come to the classes to boost my fitness and stamina and enjoy the personal tuition and atmosphere in a small group”

“Everyone is really friendly and I love the exercise variety